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Smartlife Sefton is a resource for adults experiencing
challenges in one or more important areas of life.
It provides you with knowledge, information,
and other tools to improve the quality of your life.
Every one of us faces challenges in life - it is just part of being a person.
How we handle these challenges can make a big difference
in whether we move forward, move backward, or just stay stuck.

About Smartlife Sefton

About Smartlife Sefton 
There is a lot of background to this idea and I could go on about it for ages… but so not to completely bore you I shall keep it short and simple.

My name is Lesley Rimmer and I’ve founded Smartlife Sefton to try and form a Recovery Hub within Southport in the UK. 

I have been in the Mental Health and Alcohol Services for some time now and it has taken a long time for me to finally except that I have a drink problem – this is highlighted mainly because of my Mental Health so with finally realising that these two don’t quite get on, I have eventually concluded that I did need to sort one out. This decision was quite simple in the end… it comes down to choices… everybody has them about everything. I had to choose which issue to grab by the horns and sort out.

Easy it could only be the alcohol as I had originally chosen to go down the route where I did not choose to end up under the Mental Health Services.
Anyway, that decision was made and at this moment in time I can tell you that it was made on 15th January 2016 and today it’s 18th December 2017 so I am proud to say that “I am heading for 30 months’ sober. Finally, I decided about something and kept to it and yes I do believe I’m proud of that achievement and hope it continues successfully for the foreseeable future.

So, after the so-called swings and roundabouts I have decided to do something useful with my time. In 2015 I completed the Smart Recovery Training and then started facilitating Smart meetings in Southport.

This gave me a new focus and one meeting became 2 then became 3 and this led to what I called Smart Southport.

In July 2016, I had an opportunity to deliver a couple of Smart meetings in Waterloo and Bootle, which I agreed to do.

Now this head of mine started going into overdrive and I thought OK we’ll expand Smartlife to the rest of Sefton and there we have Smart Southport expanding into Smartlife Sefton.

It’s only a name, not some major company or charity, but it could have the potential to expand more and become a Recovery Hub/Venue. We don’t have anything like that in Southport or surrounding areas. Liverpool have The Brink which is amazing.

Despite being a growing trend, recovery cafes are still in short supply in the UK. Besides the Brink, the other recovery cafes that are available in the UK are - London (Paper and Cup), Henley (Towards Recovery Cafe in Henley), Blackburn (Cafe Hub), Glasgow (Nerd Cafe) and Edinburgh (Serenity Cafe).
In March 2015 Russell Brand open his Recovery Café Trew Era Café, in Hackney.

How cool would it be for Smartlife Sefton to open one in Southport during 2018 – This dream could become reality.

Smartlife Sefton is a resource for adults experiencing challenges in one or more important areas of life.

It provides you with knowledge, information, and other tools to improve the quality of your life.

Every one of us faces challenges in life - it is just part of being a person. How we handle these challenges can make a big difference in whether we move forward, move backward, or just stay stuck.

Each day, all of us are trying to stay mentally and physically well. This can be difficult when we are dealing with challenges such as mental health, substance use, and related physical health concerns.

It is very common for people who are dealing with mental health problems to use substances such as prescribed, over-the-counter, legal, and illegal drugs, attempting to make these mental health problems better. Experience shows us that this usually doesn’t work.

It is also very common for people to use prescribed, over-the-counter, legal, and illegal drugs in a way that may harm their mental health.

Through Smartlife Sefton, you may learn more about how your mental health and substance use are related. The more you know about mental health and the more you know about substance use, the more likely you will be to make decisions that work for you.

Handouts are about getting information and knowledge about mental health and substance use. They are about learning how to deal with these challenges, even the ones that seem so hard to change. People who have knowledge and information are enabled to make decisions that work. In other words, knowledge is POWER. 

Smartlife Sefton May Be Helpful To You If:
You are curious about mental health, substance use, or related physical health matters.

Others are concerned about your mental health and substance use and you want to learn more about their concerns.

You want to figure out if some of the disappointments you experience in life... why things aren’t working out as you want in day-to-day living (school, work, relationships with family and friends) - are connected to mental health problems, substance use problems, or both.

You are involved in mental health and/or substance use services and you want to get the most out of these services.

If you have any of these concerns, Smartlife Sefton may be right for you.

Smartlife Sefton Aims to Help You:
Learn about mental health recovery and what it can mean for you.

Learn about substance use recovery and what it can mean for you.

Make the best use of your mental, substance use, and physical health services.

Learn how to achieve your goals and support your personal recovery.

Stay well by decreasing symptoms associated with substance use and mental health problems.

Learn how to manage day-to-day stress and prevent relapse.

Stay well by connecting with others.

Stay well by living a healthy lifestyle.

Recognise and build on your cultural values and experiences to support your personal recovery.

Understand the connection between substance use and mental and physical health.

RECOVERY: This word is often used to mean overcoming drug and alcohol problems.

RECOVERY: can also be used to describe what happens to people who overcome mental health problems. The term Personal Recovery can mean recovery from mental health or substance use problems.

As human beings, we are all involved in managing our mental and physical wellbeing. Handling stress, solving problems, getting along with others, coping with disappointments, and keeping a balanced life are part of everyone’s day-to-day challenges.

It’s important that we don’t spend too much time and energy managing our mental health, substance use, and physical health problems. If we do, then there is not much time and energy left to accomplish goals and enjoy life.

A person’s mental health and substance use could become the centre of his/her life. A person may forget that he or she is a person with goals, values, strengths, needs, dreams, desires, and talents. Instead, a person may think of him or herself as a mentally ill person or substance abuser first and foremost. In Smartlife Sefton the focus is on you as a complete person first and foremost.

Sometimes, the healthcare system may focus too much on a person’s mental health or substance use problems and not pay enough attention to the person’s strengths and goals.

Many of the topics in Smartlife Sefton are based on research findings. These findings show that learning about these topics and applying what is learned can make a difference in lives.

"Smartlife Sefton values, recommends and actively promotes all parts of the SMART Recovery 4-Point Programme however; we are not part of UK SMART Recovery or the SMART Recovery Organisation and have no business connection with either entity.


Thanking My Support System for putting up with a bit of weirdness!!"

Don Rimmer
I am very lucky to have My Father and the support that is handed to me. So, Dad I say "Thank you for everything. By rights this wouldn't be happening without your ongoing Support, Advice, Parenting Skills and Friendship - I can't thank you enough xxxx"

Toby, Bertie, Fizz,  Family and Friends...
I Thank everybody whether human or a Beagle who has given me encouragement and support in the past and present as I maintain my recovery which is  2 years on 16/01/18   xxx

Mersey Care Community Mental Health Team
I have spent many years under the care of the CMHT and personally I can't fault them at all. There is the saying that you can not get along with everybody, this is very true, but if you are ill and want to get better I suggest working with these people and not against them... the sooner you work with somebody you don't like the sooner your recovery will move up a stage and youwill say good bye to that person... and hopefully get on better with the next person. There are a lot of staff here that I want to thank but non more so than my Care Co-odinator Georgina and Doctor Marsden.

Lifeline Project and Ambition Sefton
"Lifeline Sefton was part of the Lifeline Project which is a registered Charity and registered Company with forty years’ experience of managing Drug and Alcohol Services and Criminal Justice Expertise. I thank all the staff that were at Lifeline Sefton for their Ongoing Support and Encouragement, without that I wouldn't be doing what I am doing today. Sadly, the Lifeline Project lost the contract for the Sefton Alcohol and Drug Services and now it runs under Ambition Sefton, which is a Mersey Care Service." Some of the staff that were with Lifeline are still very supportive... you know who you are and if you are reading this I want to say... "Thank you very much for your ongoing support and putting up with a bit of weirdness!!"

UK SMART Recovery
"Whether it be just SMART Recovery or UK SMART Recovery it does not matter. Both sites have lovely supportive members and have lots of online meetings that you can attend with no pressure what's so ever. Doing the Facilitators Training was probably the best thing that I have done, especially if I can make Smartlife Sefton my legacy." Thank you to Dave Hasney and Therese Davall for their ongoing support.

Sandgrounder Radio
"Loads of cheerful support from these guys, especially Neil Newton, Andy Hilbert and Dave Turley. I have known them for a few years from various other radio stations and they have kept me company through the tough times of my life. You do a grand job guys. You can listen to Sandgrounder Radio Here

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